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Date Added: Thursday 06. May, 2010
At San Ten Karate, we have commissioned Shihan Takase to design eight or ten seals over the years, with uniformly excellent results. These have been designs for 3/4" up to 3" stones.

The calligraphy is beautiful, as you would expect from a Shihan, but the remarkable thing is the name translations. Somehow, Shihan Takase can take your name and turn it into a phrase that compliments you in Japanese. My name, "Bruce," became "burusu," or "warrior spirit swiftly flowing." (I was expecting something more like "diabetic donkey sneezes upwind," so I was delighted with her translation.)

Shihan Takase has our absolute endorsement.

Bruce Claytoh, Kyoshi
Consigliere to Hanshi Cruz
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Seal Design
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