setsugekka - Snow Moon Flower

Model: SPCL1603151230
Weight: 1.50

The Japanese phrase setsugekka literally translates to "snow, moon, flowers" and refers to the beauties of Nature. For winter it is snow, for autumn it is the moon and for spring it is the flowers.

This is an original scroll hand-brushed by Master Takase and has Master Takase's seal and signature on the lower left of the scroll.

This is a special scroll imported from Nara Japan. And Master Takase, thanks to her long relationship to the scroll-maker, is the only one in the US importing and using these high quality scrolls. With beautiful silk borders this Japanese scroll is designed to last generations.

This phrase is perfect for the tokonoma or as a centerpiece for a tea ceremony or as a gift for someone that loves Nature.

The scroll measures 12 3/4" W x 43" H.