ikiru - Live

Model: SPCL16031202
Weight: 1.50
The Japanese phrase ikiru means "Live" as a reminder to live one's life. This piece was inspired by the Akira Kurosawa film by the same name. The film tells of a bureaucrat with terminal cancer who vows to find meaning in the days that remain to him.

This is an original scroll hand-brushed by Master Takase and has Master Takase's seal and signature on the lower left of the scroll.

This is a special scroll imported from Nara Japan. And Master Takase, thanks to her long relationship to the scroll-maker, is the only one in the US importing and using these high quality scrolls. With beautiful silk borders this Japanese scroll is designed to last generations.

This phrase is the perfect motivational piece for the business person, martial artist and all student of things Japanese.

The scroll measures 12 3/4" W x 43" H.

Note that this scroll has a few imperfections in the paper that when viewed up close are apparent. Though when standing a few feet away cannot be noticed. For this reason this particular scroll is deeply discounted.


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