Takase Studios Specials

Here you will find one of a kind works of art by Master Takase. Many of these original works are individual creations that once sold will not be offered again.

We also, from time to time, will offer original Acrylic art that Master Takase has been working on over the last several years. These beautiful, one of a kind pieces are not to be missed.

You will also find, as we downsize, many calligraphy tools and supplies from Master Takase's private collection. These rare and beautiful items are sure to be prized by the calligraphers out there.

We hope you will check back regularly. And, as always, if you have any questions about any item please feel free to Contact Us.

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<b>Everyday is a good day</b> (<i>nichinichi kore koujitsu</i>)
This phrase is a Zen expression that is commonly used in context of the Tea Ceremony. It encourages us to understand that every day can be made a good day and that it is up to us to make each day good
<b>Spirit of Perseverance (<i>osu no seishin</i>)</b>
Japanese Scroll
18" W x 72" H
Cry in the dojo - Laugh on the battlefield
Roughly this is equivalent to "practice makes perfect"
ikiru - Live
Japanese Scroll - Ikiru - Live
setsugekka - Snow Moon Flower
Snow, Moon, Flower
Custom Japanese Scroll (Medium)
Custom scrolls are made with the highest quality materials and are made to last generations. The border material is actual silk and each scroll is beautifully made and arrives complete and ready to hang.