Soul Mates (VD4Z)

Model: L5040FAVD4Z
Weight: 0.90
Soul Mates in Japanese is Japanese for Soul Mates (tamashii no tomo) which is read tamashii no tomo.

The Japanese tamashii no tomo meaning "soul mates" is composed of Soul (tamashii) and Friend (tomo).

NOTE: The single character designs are copyrighted creations of Master Takase combining the phrase into a single character like design.

This design is written vertically with Master Takase's seal and signature in the lower left hand corner. Japanese is commonly written both horizontally and vertically and both are correct.

This is an original, hand-lettered work of art by Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase. The artwork is created at the time of the order and is not a print and is not massed produced - these are original works personally created by Master Takase.

Because this is hand-lettered art the actual art will differ slightly from the image shown - making this a completely unique work - Master Takase does take great care to faithfully reproduce the design shown.

The art is done on handmade Japanese paper which is suitable for Western-style framing. We offer one framed option though because of the expense of shipping glass we always recommend ordering the artwork unframed and having it framed locally.

We offer three sizes for unframed art: 8 x 12", 12 x 18" and 15 x 22". We would also be happy to cut the paper to a smaller size with the price being the size of paper that would need to be cut.

For a framed work we offer one option. The calligraphy is on 12 3/4" W x 18" H (33 cm W x 46 cm H) handmade Japanese paper. The frame is a black metal frame that is 16" W x 20" H (41 cm W x 51 cm H) with an arctic white outer mat and a raven black inner mat. The glass is a non-reflective glass. Sumi ink is light fast and so UV glass is not necessary. All framing materials are acid-free and the framed art arrives ready to display.

Art is usually completed within two business days. The art is very well packaged and shipping includes the cost of insurance.

Unframed art may be mailed anywhere in the world
Framed art can be mailed to the US and Canada

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