Custom Japanese Calligraphy - Non-Exclusive Use

Model: DSN0000

Japanese Calligraphy for Limited Distribution

Japanese Calligraphy as part of a design draws attention and can communicate beyond words.

One needs to be careful though as consumers have become increasingly sophisticated and poor quality calligraphy is likely to have a negative impact. Put another way, with the widespread use of kanji in the marketplace, consumers have learned to appreciate and respect beautiful and well-crafted designs.

This is why the best advice you can have is to find the very best Japanese Calligrapher that you can. Master Japanese Calligrapher Eri Takase is specially trained as a professional calligrapher and holds the highest ranking of Shihan or Master. To see examples of Master Takase's commercial accomplishments visit Japanese Calligraphy in Graphic Design.

The Design Process

To create the best possible design you will be working directly with Master Takase and both native English and Japanese translators who will provide as much (or as little) documentation as you need to be comfortable with the translation.

Using your description, Master Takase will start by creating an initial set that includes translation options and sample designs that show how the translations might look in the design. Each design set, including this initial set, is hand-lettered by Master Takase. And with each set we are happy to provide you with as much documentation as you need to be completely comfortable with the translation.

With your feedback we should have a good idea of what is working well and will then incorporate your feedback into a new design set. We continue to work with you, showing designs with explanations and getting your feedback until the design is just right. Normally this takes two or three sets of designs.

Delivery Options

We offer a variety of options for the delivery of the final product. The basic offering is for a hand-lettered design on flat, white, acid-free paper up to 5". This design can then be delivered digitally (in JPG, PSD, or TIFF formats) via email, or the original design can be mailed, or one can select both of these delivery options.

We also offer optional matching artwork by Master Takase that is on handmade Japanese paper. Because these are hand-made works of art, the match will not be perfect but every effort will be made to match the original.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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